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Taking it to the Sweet: Making San Francisco Sweeter with CakeSpy Magnets

So, here's the thing: I kind of like to think of myself as a big sugar cube in the coffee cup that is life. 

And as such, I am constantly doing little things that I hope will make life just a little sweeter for people. I've left fake cupcakes around the city; I give people candy and cookies; I write little love notes. For no reason in particular, other than to bring joy and maybe a little everyday delight to the masses.

And on my recent trip to San Francisco, I employed sweet magnetism: I brought a stockpile of magnetic CakeSpy postcards, and stuck them to unsuspecting surfaces.

Each one had a sweet little note written on the back (I did this while on the plane). Wonder who found my sweet handiwork?

First, a sweet little note left on a post office box, just off of...you guessed it...TREAT STREET!

Then, after some reflection, I decided my art was museum-worthy, and so I stuck one to the sign at the Oakland Museum of California. My first solo exhibit!

Next, a sweet little offering on someone's entryway. What a sweet thing to come home to!

Howsabout finding one of these sweet little things on the side of your Vespa? (Note: there was a scratch on the side, so really, I was also providing a nice patch too).

But for those taking mass transit, I left this one on the Muni.

And then, in Santa Cruz, one was left like a prize on the espresso machine at Cafe Delmarette.

...and I also left one with Carolyn and Lindsey at the Twitter offices to do with as they pleased. 

All said and done? I believe I made San Francisco just a little sweeter with this gentle street art. If you found one, I hope it made your day just a little sweeter--either that, or that the cuteness made you projectile vomit. Either/or.

For past sweet operations, click here and here and here.

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Reader Comments (6)

Were you there on the weekend of October 17th? I saw someone on the BART that looked like you, but I was too scared to ask!
October 29 | Unregistered CommenterEmily
You have been bringing sweetness into my life since you were 10 years old!!! Keep up the good work and oh by the way I'd love a copy of San Fran and Cuppie!!!! XO
PS when will you be heading east? I will be home all of November!
October 29 | Unregistered CommenterBarb Hillman
Emily: OMG, you had a spy sighting! It must have been. I was indeed there that weekend.

Mrs. H: I will be in town for about a split second this weekend, but Danny and I will be back from Christmas day through new year's eve! will you be around?
October 29 | Unregistered CommenterCakeSpy
HUGE OMG! i am so disappointed that i didn't say anything! I am a HUGE FAN and was in town visiting my brother, and we were on the BART together and I whispered to him that I thought that I spied my favorite cake blogger...he, in turn, thought it was crazy that I have a favorite cake blogger. I can't believe I didn't say hi! Perhaps we'll cross paths again someday!
October 29 | Unregistered CommenterEmily
That is awesome, Emily. I believe we will cross paths some other time! :-)

And I sincerely hope I wasn't picking my nose or anything when you saw me.
October 29 | Unregistered CommenterCakeSpy
I enjoy so much this blog, always great and awesome pictures of nice cakes !
November 6 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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