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Pastry Road Trip: Serious Sweetness at The Cookie Jar, Sioux Falls SD

Cookie Jar, Sioux Falls SD
CakeSpy Note: This month I drove to and from Chicago on a Pastry Road Trip: here's the beginning of several installments detailing the deliciousness I discovered!

I am officially in love with The Cookie Jar in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Why?

It starts, of course, with the decor, which is a strange sort of retro 50's diner look--but I got the distinct impression that this was not executed ironically. It makes the space seem as if it's been there for a very long time--though according to their site, they've only been open since 2002.
Cookie Jar, Sioux Falls SDCookie Jar, Sioux Falls SD
But the rest of this love story is all about the sweetness. You can tell right away when you approach the bakery case that this place means business. They have row after row of fat, dense cookies in a variety of flavors, some sandwiched with a generous dollop of frosting; their case also dedicates a notable amount of space to decadent bars, including Seven Layer bars, pumpkin bars, enormous brownies, and Special K bars.

The CakeSpy selections included a chocolate creme sandwich cookie, a Special K bar and an apple-raisin sour cream bar.

The cookie sandwich was rich, with pillowy cookies studded with chocolate chips and a frosting which tasted vaguely like Oreo filling; it was clear immediately that while this was not a refined or sophisticated dessert, it was nonetheless a deeply satisfying, extremely nostalgic treat.
Cookie Jar, Sioux Falls SD
The Special K Bar (which, as I learned, is quite common in Midwestern bakeries) was bar none (get it?) the best one sampled on this trip, rich and chewy and peanut buttery--it even inspired me to try out my own version at home, which I wrote about on Serious Eats!
Cookie Jar, Sioux Falls SD
The sour cream bar, which Mr. CakeSpy tried, was decadent, with the sweet fruit nicely complemented by the tangy sour cream in the filling, with a nice added texture and flavor contrast from a crispy oaty topping.

Now, I hope I'm not coming off as overly dramatic, but I feel as if it is my public duty to tell you that if you happen to find yourself in Sioux Falls, you must visit The Cookie Jar. But don't just take my word for it: Roadfood loves it too!

The Cookie Jar, 125 West 10th St., Sioux Falls, (605) 978-0991; online at cookiejarsd.com.

Cookie Jar on Urbanspoon


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Reader Comments (5)

As a native South Dakotan, I'm so glad you found so many delicious delights in my state! I have tried the donuts at Wall Drug (and totally agree with your assessment!) but I will have to stop by the Cookie Jar next time I'm in town. Thanks for the tip!

September 23 | Unregistered Commentersararah

Ahhhhh, I am SO jealous. Like, not even a small amount of JEALOUS... heaping amounts of jealousy over here at Bitchin' Kitchen! Can I say how much I love chocolate creme sandwich cookies!!! One of my all time favorite! Was it good? No, wait don't tell me! Okay, tell me. lol

*drools* those look really delicious. I'll definitely go there if I'm ever in Sioux Falls.

I work in Sioux Falls and eat at The Cookie Jar often, so I was amused to stumble across this. My favorite treat there is the Special K bar, but I feel obligated to mention that they are extremely dense and sweet compared to the average Special K bar! I can't even finish one in one sitting.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Sioux Falls and The Cookie Jar!

September 23 | Unregistered Commenterbristolcat

CakeSpy!!! This is my hometown!!! I love the Cookie Jar - they used to be in the mall, such an awesome treat growing up!!! I don't get there as much now that they are downtown but I agree - delish!!
I am such a fan of your blog, I wish you would have posted you were coming through Sioux Falls! I would have loved to have joined you @ the Cookie Jar (and some other awesome bakeries around town!)

September 24 | Unregistered CommenterKaci
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