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Sweet Art: Shaky for Illustration Friday

This week's Illustration Friday theme is Shaky, which got me thinking about the strained relationships between other baked goods and trendy cupcakes. How do other sweets feel about the little cakes' popularity?

Could Cuppie be on shaky ground with these tough cookies?

Update: Reader Response! Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie and Edible Crafts has made a sweet commentary on the issue of cupcakes' popularity! Read about it here.

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Reader Comments (12)

Uh oh!

That cupcake is in trouble.

I wonder if it's cannibalistic for baked goods to eat other baked goods?

July 3 | Unregistered CommenterRen

Very sweet! Very cute!

July 3 | Unregistered CommenterMomo

LOL! I love the angry cookies! Cuppie might be in a little trouble ;)

This is so cute! I love the simplicity & expressions

This is soo cute! I love the half eaten cookie! Cuppie sure is in trouble!

The cookies should be happy that we are eating more cupcakes and less of them. :)

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterPeabody

Yeah, that's right Cuppie. Look afraid. Look very afraid. I have my chip on you. This isn't over... ha ha ha ha

The angry faces on the cookies are hilarious! This is a great drawing.

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterAnwar

So funny! Very cute--can't help but love those cupcakes!

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Kay

The angry cookies are adorable. My favorite is the one with a bite on the side of his face:)

So cute:)

July 8 | Unregistered Commenteryoon see

this is great!!hang on there little cookies: i still like you over the cupcakes!

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