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Sweet Art: Idle for Illustration Friday

It's no Idle Threat!
Picture this: Cuppie throws a really sweet soiree that has all of the other baked goods buzzing. But it looks like another pint-sized cake feels like Cuppie is invading its territory! And so, for this week's Illustration Friday theme of Idle, I present the inevitable faceoff: and based on the weapons of shankery and destruction they're toting, I'd say this is no idle threat.

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Reader Comments (16)

Oh my gosh I love this illustration... wait a minute, I love all your illustrations. They make me so happy just to look at them. Go Cuppie go!

July 27 | Unregistered Commenteralice

Great entry! I love your illustrations, they're cute and fun :) Plus cupcakes are just awesome!

July 27 | Unregistered CommenterLeo

This is awesome!

too funny

July 27 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Omg, that was my favorite from your booth at Renegade! I really wanted to buy it, and would have if I didn't already spend so much and my hubby right next to me with laser-beam eyes. Love your stuff :)

July 27 | Unregistered CommenterSophia

Too funny!

July 27 | Unregistered CommenterNutmeg Nanny

So awesome!!

July 27 | Unregistered Commenterherbstsonne

Love it!

July 27 | Unregistered CommenterLady J

Almost a holdup, isn't it?

July 27 | Unregistered Commenterchou

Almost a holdup, isn't it?

July 27 | Unregistered Commenterchou

So cute! love the angry cake eyes.

July 27 | Unregistered Commenterpretty day

I just can't get enough of crazy brass knuckle wielding Cuppie, that and glasses and braces cuppie, he's a hottie :) Thanks for the smile!

July 28 | Unregistered CommenterC.L.

LOVE it!!!

July 28 | Unregistered CommenterBridget

This is SUPER cute. Just love all of the details and the illustration style...great work!

July 28 | Unregistered CommenterShirley

I'll bet Cuppie's mad that Hostess Cupcakes have beef fat in them!

Ha! I'll never look at my cupcakes the same way again...

July 30 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Farrier
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