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Cake Poll: Let Me Eat Cake!

Giveaway: Let Me Eat Cake!
Do you love cake?

Do you really love cake?
Do you love cake so much that whenever you're in the same room, you find yourself unable to resist its siren call?
Then certainly Leslie F. Miller's new book, Let Me Eat Cake, is for you. Now, let's get it straight--though the book has a few recipes, that's not what it's about--it's more about the culture of cake, its lure and the lore behind it, baked up full of personal anecdotes and cake stories galore. And--as we were surprised and delighted to discover--there's even a mention of CakeSpy.com!

I found myself in Leslie's book!
And you, dear friend, could be the winner of a signed copy of the book. Oh, you want this!
To put your name in the running, simply answer this question in the comments. You can be as literal or as figurative as you like, just be sure to leave your thoughts on this important subject:
What is the best thing about cake? 

The poll will be closed on Monday at 12 p.m. PST, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter. If you're interested in purchasing the book, click here. Oh, and in case you were interested, the cupcake shown is a Chai Cardamom cupcake from Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes!


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Reader Comments (224)

The best thing about cake is the amazement from others that you can make something beautiful that tastes delicious too!

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

I think the most amazing thing about cake is the frosting. When I start thinking about frosting there's not much that can hold me back from running to the grocery store to get the ingredients needed. I just love gigantic amounts of vanilla frosting on vanilla cake with a huge cup of milk, it makes my inside's happy.

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterMariana

Best thing about cake: when you ask someone to imagine a cake, each person will think of something different, but probably, if you ask them to think about what cake signifies, "love" is in there somewhere.

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

The best thing about cake is its festivity. Whether it's an elegant tiered wedding cake, a pink-frosted birthday cake, or a homey apple cake baked by Mom for weeknight dessert, any occasion feels more special when there's cake!

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

Cake...delicious crumbs of sweet fluffiness. Yum and the chocolate butter cream on the top. It is to die for!

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterAmy A

The best thing about cake is how it can make you feel better when your having a bad day.

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterGecko

Best thing about cake is the look on the person's face who you baked the cake for! I love seeing the surprise and joy on peoples faces when they first see cakes I have made for them. That and the perfect balance of cake and icing, in a perfect bite. And chocolate....chocolate cake is awesome!
Must feel good being "published"!!
Take Care

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterTania

It's yummy, cakey goodness. C'mon, it's cake, it's just naturally good.

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterCandy

The best thing about cake is that it is almost always made to celebrate--even if it's just a nice day.

April 12 | Unregistered Commenterjen

The best thing about cake is that it is almost always made to celebrate--even if it's just a nice day.

April 12 | Unregistered Commenterjen

The best thing about cake is that it's made to celebrate--even if it's just to celebrate making it through the day...

April 12 | Unregistered Commenterjen

sharing it with others!

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

What would a book about cake be without a Cakespy mention? =)

The best thing about cake is its versatility. There are a million wonderful, different ways to make (and eat) a cake. I'm still working on trying them all.

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterLaurel

The best thing about cake is there are so many excuses, I mean reasons, to eat it. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, had a good day, had a bad day; you can come up with any reason to eat cake!


April 13 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

The best thing by far about cake is the look and sounds of excitement when I present cupcakes or cakes to my friends, family, and co-workers. Their enjoyment of my creations mean the world to me.

April 13 | Unregistered CommenterJenn

The best thing is the right combination of light cake to rich frosting. The book looks beautiful. Thanks for offering the giveway.

April 13 | Unregistered CommenterLorri

The best thing about cake is that there's a type for every mood I'm in! Celebratory, depressed, bitter, pleasant, or ambivalent, we've got a cake for that.

April 13 | Unregistered Commentersharpasatack

The best thing about a cake is the bite with the perfect ratio of cake to frosting to filling.
Sheer bliss.

April 13 | Unregistered Commenterluiez

The best thing about cake? the frosting of course! Other than frosting - definitely the feeling you get when you stuff a great slice of cake in your face and then wash it down with cold milk. priceless!!!

April 13 | Unregistered Commenterokorolev

The best thing about cake is that even when doesn't look so good, it usually still tastes amazing!

April 13 | Unregistered Commenterkslaugher

The best thing about cake? It's an all-around food. You can have it for a birthday, for graduation, for Easter, for Sunday brunch... It's just good for everything.

Cake is: sweet, comforting & happy. It makes me smile just thinking about eating it! I {heart} cake! :)

cake is life and love and everything in between.

the end. :)

April 13 | Unregistered Commenterbrie

The best thing about cake is the way it makes your house smell while it's baking.

April 13 | Unregistered CommenterErin
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