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Grilled Cheesecake: A Sweet Take on a Classic Sandwich

Grilled Cheesecake Sandwich
With all this talk about the Grilled Cheese Invitational and all of the recipes featured on Good Food lately, I've had grilled cheese on the brain.

Grilled cheese is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. After all, it is sliced bread--with the added awesomeness of cheese and butter. Can it really get any better?
After being hit with what can only be described as a stroke of pure genius, I can definitively say yes. It can get better.
Say hello to the grilled cheesecake sandwich.

Grilled Cheesecake Sandwich
"Is this serious?" you may be asking yourself. 
Oh yes. Made out of slivered cheesecake layered between slices of buttered pound cake, this sandwich is serious all right--as serious as a heart attack. 
Here's how it's done.
Grilled Cheesecake

Buttering the Pound CakeCheesecake
  • 2 slices pound cake (any flavor you like), buttered on the outside
  • 1 small slice cheesecake, slivered

Assembling the Sandwich
1. Assemble the sandwich as follows: one slice pound cake (butter side down), as many slivers as you'd like of cheesecake (we included bits from the crust for added crunch), and the other slice of pound cake, buttered side up. 
Hitting the pan
2. Put in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
Flipping it!
3. After about a minute and a half, gently lift with a spatula to see if it is lightly browned on the bottom. If it is browned to your liking, go ahead and flip; if not, let it brown just a little longer.
Bubbly and buttery
4. Once browned to your liking, carefully flip the sandwich. Press down on the top with the spatula to make everything kind of meld. The second side will brown faster than the first one did, so keep a close eye on it.
5. Remove from heat, turn off the heat, slice in half (if you're into that), and enjoy.
Serving note: For those of you who simply can't eat a grilled cheese without soup, I think a bowl of slightly melty strawberry ice cream would complement it quite nicely.


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Reader Comments (68)

I was scared when you tweeted about an experiment with cheesecake....now I get it....and this sounds awesome! YUM, YUM, YUM!!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterTania

I really love this idea...just brilliant!

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

Can we say viral recipe??!!!! This is amazing. All you need is a few sliced fresh strawberries on the side and most will have died and gone to heaven after eating this.

You are a genius!

April 22 | Unregistered Commenterrobyn

I have tears of joy... Grilled Cheesecake. This would have been an awesome accompaniment to the grilled cheese I was eating every Friday during Lent!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterNikiTheo

I'm really impressed that the pound cake fried up so nicely, with that awesome crispy browness that makes a grilled cheese so wonderful. I think I'd take a bite, but don't think even I could eat an entire sandwich of it, my arteries would disown me, Hahaha! Was it extremely rich?

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterKris

Oh my - that sounds wonderful!!!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

You never cease to amaze me! Wow.

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterTea

Oh YEAH! My kinda grilled cheese!!!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterRecipeGirl

oh my goodness, and I bet it really is!

What a calorific delight...this is my kinda grilled cheese sandwich too! YUM!!

Brilliant! This is awesome!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterLara Ferroni

This reminds me of something paula would make! I love looking at hyper fattening foods.

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterSteph

More power to you! Terrific idea and great execution.

How did you come up with this?

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterBear Silber

That is pure genious! I'm drooling and I just gained 5 pounds reading this blog post. :-)

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Things

Oh yeah! That's awesome!

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterBrilynn

WOW - this just took desserts to an all new level. They are so decadent.

April 22 | Unregistered CommenterEliana

i really didn't think you could make cheesecake any better but you DID IT!

April 22 | Unregistered Commenterveggievixen

Clever! Love the sweet and salty combo :)

Ohh this sounds familiar. Have you ever tried cheesecake crepe? It's made at a place called 'japan crepe' and it's pretty much baked cheese cake and fruit in a crepe instead of savoury fillings. Yum yum yum

April 22 | Unregistered Commenterpixelhazard

Absolutely brilliant! I'm going to go make a pound cake and cheesecake just so I can try it!

April 23 | Unregistered Commentererica

You're sweetness is pure evil.

As always, this is so creative! Not sure that I'd eat more than a bite, but I'd try it! Bet it's fantastic.

April 23 | Unregistered CommenterStef

The devil made you think of this didn't he!? Evil genius!

April 23 | Unregistered CommenterNichi

Oh. My. LORD!!!

April 23 | Unregistered CommenterBlog Owner
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