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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Does beer love cookies? Apparently yes, with "Beer's Best Friend", a sweet and salty pretzel cookie by Buttermilk Bakeshop (pictured top).

Breakfast is officially the coolest meal of the day, with these adorable breakfast pies.

Don't eat these sweets: MAC cosmetics is coming out with a cupcake and sugar-themed makeup collection called Sugarsweet. (Thanks Julia for the tip!)

Cupcakes and art come together with Andrea Canalito's cool installations.

When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Sugar: Baking Bites tells us how.

Ricciarelli: we think it's Italian for totally delicious.


These southern poundcakes look serious--and so does their baker.

Seattleites are officially wimps: at a recent paczki eating contest, nobody could eat more than five of the sweet treats.

Ice Cream cakes are so over--but not ice cream cupcakes! (Thanks Mallory for the tip!)

Margaret Morrison creates a delicious contrast with her high-art portraits of cheap sweets. (c/o Bethany)
Krispy Kreme offers coffee at the same prices they did during the great depression at certain locations.  Yes, doughnuts are still full price, you cheapskate.

Sweet Cakes Bakery: it may just best thing we've ever heard of from Rhode Island. (Thanks Peter for the tip!)

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake: you might have a heart attack halfway through a slice...but what a sweet way to go.


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Reader Comments (11)

Thanks for the link! General happiness all around that breakfast finally made the cool kid list. Huzzah!

March 2 | Unregistered Commenterchou

wow how many nice links :) thanks

March 3 | Unregistered CommenterSnooky doodle

Frustration! those oreo icecream cupcakes would be perfect for my friend's birthday next week, if only I could get them in Australia too :'( lol

March 3 | Unregistered CommenterGrace

Thanks for the links!

Rosie x

March 3 | Unregistered Commenter♥Rosie♥

I tried the ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone...they are sooo not good :( They come in a 6-pack (2 each of 3 flavors), taste completely artificial and leave an oily film all through your mouth. The Cake Batter version is the worst - the whipped topping is full of such a huge quantity of food coloring (to achieve the shocking pink color) that it tastes like paper clips.

March 3 | Unregistered Commenterpunkin

Chou: You're welcome! Those are so awesome and cute!

Snooky Doodle: Glad you enjoyed!

Grace: Oh, bummer! I know there's a site that has a tutorial on making your own: http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/archives/90

Rosie: You're welcome!

Punkin: That is such a bummer! Do you enjoy their other ice cream? Was it a lot different? It sounds like the texture and treatment of these minicakes might be different!

March 3 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

Very interesting reading!! :)

March 3 | Unregistered CommenterJodi

Not sure if it's so much a heart attack as someone slipping into a diabetic coma. But it does look good!

And I so am going to Coldstone this weekend.

March 4 | Unregistered CommenterSuzyhomemaker

is there anything beer doesn't love? really?

March 4 | Unregistered CommenterEB

I make vanilla sugar, but now I've got to try lemon sugar. Thanks for the links!

@cakespy - In general, I think their ice cream is a little sweet. However, it was the weird whipped topping and frozen cake that really turned me off. Oh, and it's all encased in a little mocklate cup (to mimic a cupcake cup) that tasted like Magic Shell. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it wasn't enough to save them.

March 10 | Unregistered Commenterpunkin
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