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Trick or Sweet: Ghoulish Cupcakes Recipe from Bredenbeck's Bakery of Philadelphia

Dear Bredenbeck’s Bakery:

I've never met you, but I love you. Why? Because recently you sent me the adorable following recipe / Halloween craft idea: Ghoulish Cupcakes! I'm happy to report that it is as easy in practice as it is in theory, and all parties to which they are served are completely delighted--and satisfied by the taste, as well. It's no trick: these are a real treat!

Sweet regards,


P.S. To all others--do you want to recreate this magic at home? It's easy. Just do this:

Ghostly Halloween Cupcakes

-recipe kindly donated by Bredenbeck’s Bakery in Philadelphia -

You'll need:

  • A dozen of your favorite cupcakes (I used this recipe)
  • 16 oz. vanilla icing (I used this recipe)
  • 22 oz. (two packages) white chocolate chips or candy coating, plus a generous tablespoon of vegetable shortening (the shortening is my addition)
  • Gel icing


  1. Start with your favorite cupcake recipe and bake according to instructions.
  2. Flip your cooled cupcakes upside down, and spoon a dollop of icing on top (of the upturned bottom) to add height
  3. Place the iced cupcakes in the freezer until icing is firm
  4. Melt white chocolate and shortening in a double boiler
  5. Place frozen iced cupcakes on a wire rack
  6. Spoon melted white chocolate or candy coating over top of iced cupcakes, allowing excess to drizzle through wire rack
  7. Create beady eyes and scary faces with black shoestring licorice or gel icing
  8. Enjoy!

Ghostly Cupcakes


If you happen to be in Philadelphia, you can also try the original Bredenbeck’s version of these tasty treats. I hear a rumor that for the month of October, customers who say “Boo!” will receive a ghost cupcake for a discounted price.

Care to hear more about the bakery? OK! Here's the 411: A Philadelphia tradition since 1889, Bredenbeck’s Bakery bakes its delicious cookies, cakes, pies and pastries with the finest all-natural ingredients. Located in the heart of Chestnut Hill, Bredenbeck’s is famous for its delicious butter cookies, fancy miniatures and gourmet wedding cakes, all baked on premises. The historic shop is located at 8126 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 215-247-7374 or online at bredenbecks.com.

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Reader Comments (11)

These BOOtiful cuppycakes look yum!

October 23 | Unregistered CommenterSparkleFarkle

Soooo cute!

P.S. Pass me a fork? Thanks!

October 23 | Unregistered CommenterSparkleFarkle

Those little ghosties don't scare me! They're just too cute. Only melted white chocolate could result in that lovely, ghostly covering.

October 23 | Unregistered CommenterBarbara

I bet those are a BIG hit with kids!

October 23 | Unregistered CommenterValerie

Super cute! There are too many awesome halloween treats on my list and not enough time to make them all!!!

Those are the best sort of Halloween treats! Ooey Gooey and covered in sugar!!!

October 23 | Unregistered CommenterEB of SpiceDish

AAAAhhhhh! It's a headless ghost!

Eerily good looking. When I visit Philly, I'll have to look them up.

October 25 | Unregistered CommenterTender Branson

Those look so fun!

October 25 | Unregistered CommenterPeabody

I am going to make this item this weekend. It looks so tasty. Actually. My wife always tell that I am very bad cook but this weekend, I will show her that I can make good dishes too!

October 29 | Unregistered Commentergingko
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