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Sweet Surprise: Red Velvet Cuppie Truffles from Bakerella!

Sweet treats from Bakerella!
Today we received a sweet and completely unexpected gift in the mail from our favorite domestic goddess, Bakerella: mouthwatering red velvet cake truffles...decorated to look like our own Cakespy mascot, L'il Cuppie! Seems that Mlle. Bakerella must have enjoyed her Iron Cupcake prize, a custom piece depicting her exciting segment a few months ago on the Martha Stewart Show:

Martha and Bakerella
Because this was certainly a wonderful thank-you to receive! And upon opening the parcel full of cheery red-topped Cuppies, we realized that Bakerella had caught all of the little guy's mischievous expressions. One thing's for certain--the moment we left the kitchen they got up to all sorts of mischief. Let's see what we were up to, shall we?

This little Cuppie made a big mess...
This little Cuppie caused mischief


This little Cuppie learned to draw...
This little Cuppie got creative...

This little Cuppie went for the good stuff...
This little Cuppie has expensive taste

This little Cuppie liked what he saw...
This little Cuppie likes what he sees

This little Cuppie found Jesus...This little Cuppie found Jesus

This little Cuppie met some pigs...
This little Cuppie made new friends...

This little Cuppie saw the Space Needle (but got a little melted by the sun)...
This little Cuppie saw the Space Needle

This little Cuppie does not like skinny chicks...
This little Cuppie does not like skinny chicks

This little Cuppie got worried...and uh-oh, we haven't seen him since.
Sweet treats from Bakerella!

This little Cuppie got greedy...and ended up all alone.
Sweet treats from Bakerella!


Wanna make 'em? You can find the recipe for Easy Cupcake Bites at Bakerella.com!

Of course you also might like to see her sweet review of our friendship and the project here!



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Reader Comments (96)

Oh my gosh! This is the coolest post EVER!! LOL @ "Jesus is cuppie's homeboy". LOVE IT! You crack me up everytime. :)

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterKatie

Too funny! Well done by both of you. I'm just not sure if this is life imitating art of art imitating art...?

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterDana McCauley

How cute!.....and what fun! Really enjoyed the cute pics.

these are amazing! and of course, your little scenes make my day!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterBethany

I just love you guys. I'm cracking up and it's 5:47 am. Too funny :)

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterRecipeGirl

Had to stop... these guys are so 'sweet'... cute drawings too..

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterSylvia Jenstad

You always seem to come up with the greatest stuff!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Stambaugh

This is absolutely priceless! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile. I needed one!

Those are absolutely fantastic! Watch out for the pigs cuppie!!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterEB

So funny!! I think that Cuppie is my new favorite cartoon character. Right up there with all the animals from the Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Keep it coming L'il Cuppie!

What a great photoshoot!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterAmylouwho

This is sooooooooo adorable. Heading over to bakerella's site now!

October 1 | Unregistered Commenterveron

I love them, my facorite is the big smile with the tongue sticking out. Grannies love cute ideas to make for their little ones. Thank you.

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterGranny Robin

wow these are so so cute :)

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterSnooky doodle

OMG!! Way too cute!! How hilarious to have them pose in different places! Their faces say it all!!

Love it! I know I can always come here to brighten up my day!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

ROFL over here. You're both amazing artists! A match made in heaven...

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterAtticelf

I cant stop visiting your blog. Amazing ideas and work

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterRamya Vijaykumar

oh my goodness! who knew greatness lived RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from me! i'm on warren and roy, how funny is that?! love love LOVE your stuff! xo

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterMandy Kay

I want to know how they were mailed. They seemed to have arrived in excellent shape!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterKyla

Now you've done it:) I'm speechless, breathless & hysterical all at the same time. When I contain my composure, I must visit Bakerella's.

Perhaps, your visitors would like to see my new Cuppie banner composed by the maestro herself, Jesse. It's incredible! and I thank you from the bottom of my empty cake pan...
http://monthsofediblecelebrations.blogspot.com/2008/10/its-my-blogaversary.html" REL="nofollow">My Blog

October 1 | Unregistered Commenter~~louise~~

OMWord! this is TOO funny - made me chuckle! I LOVE IT!! how did they taste?! I bet yummy but it would be SO hard to gobble up such cuteness!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

Oh my god. Cuppie finding Jesus = Genius.

I think the Seattle chapter of the cupcake meetup alliance needs to have a meet-up, soon.

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterKatrina

That's so hilarious!

You could make a cute little storybook from them, with little pop up Cuppies. :)

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterOwl Chick

Ha! I might keel over from the cuteness. Cakespy is the greatest!

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterKati

I had to come look at this again - it's SOOO funny. I'm going to bookmark this for whenever I need a laugh. I especially love that cuppie doesn't like skinny chicks. Awesome use of the angry eyes.

October 1 | Unregistered CommenterAmylouwho
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