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Happy and Sweet: Have the Best 4th of July Ever, From Cakespy

4th of July trompe-l'œil

It's time for a Cakespy Confession: we don't like holidays
The traffic's bad. The crowds are obnoxious. And all of our favorite bakeries are closed for the day. 
Cupcake Burger
However, what we do love is sweet stuff, and causing mischief--and so, in an effort to make the 4th of July more fun, we've concocted some trompe-l'œil treats to make this 4th of July the sweetest one yet! 
Here's what we suggest this Fourth of July:

For the main course, why not try a sweetburger? Ours were made by slicing an unfrosted cupcake in half, and inserting a round of "patty" of chocolatey goodness cut from a brownie, and instead of healthy lettuce, a healthy dollop of vanilla buttercream with a drop of green food dye. We garnished the top of the cupcake "bun" with some chocolate sprinkles, adhered with sugar water. 
Twinkie Hot Dog
If you're not a burger person, perhaps you'd go for a Twinkie "Hot Dog"? (Cakespy Note: Anyone who's seen UHF will appreciate this one, we hope.) We made ours by first slicing a twinkie lengthwise (but leaving it connected at the bottom, so it would resemble a hot dog bun), then inserting sugar cookie halves so that the slightly browned edges showed outward (though we think a log of cookie dough would do as well!). We then covered up the "gap" between cookie halves with a pipe of yellow frosting. So bad, but so good. 

And as for side dishes? Ours are tooth-numbingly sweet, comprising 
4th of July trompe-l'œil
of a Faux-tato Potato Salad--a melange of coconut flakes and white chocolate chips held together with a thick dollop of vanilla buttercream--and, of course, no 4th of July would be complete without some baked beans--Boston Baked Beans, that is, straight from the package. 
Of course, if all else fails, just pour a package or ten of Pop Rocks into a batch of cupcakes and their frosting--just like fireworks in your mouth!
Happy Fourth of July!




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Reader Comments (46)

Ha ha ha - my teeth hurt just looking at this post!

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterRural Vegan

You almost had me fooled there for a moment! Have a great weekend!!

The barbecue is busted, but I think you've solved my dilemma with the Twinkie Dog! What could be sweeter!!

Happy 4th of july! How cute is that twinkie dog!?

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterLina

Happy 4th to you too!

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterCynthia

Cute treats!

Hope you had a good 4th.

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterEmiline

YAY...have a great 4th! Just the best way to do it & so delicious. Love the platter you've got laid out Jessie. What fun!!!

Delightful as usual. Even the kiddies wouldn't mind sitting at the "other" table with goodies like these. Heck, neither would I.

July 5 | Unregistered Commenter~~Louise~~

So cute. I love it! I hope you had a sweet holiday!

OMG I love this idea of a play on food! That is awesome and looks so yummy!!!

Adorable and clever! Looks deelish=)
(And this is coming from a Canadian vegetarian)

July 6 | Unregistered CommenterGirl

Uber cute stuff as usual from Cakespy. I would expect nothing less. These are great treats!!

July 6 | Unregistered CommenterRecipeGirl

Ree-di-CU-lously adorable. How fun.

i think i should stay home and order this one.... it looks yummy!

J, you are the best EVER. fav fourth of july food is the sweets...you made a perfect holiday meal for me!

July 7 | Unregistered CommenterBethany

OK, that is just straight, sweet, sin! Nice menu!!!!!

July 7 | Unregistered CommenterC.L.

I love them! Sounds like my kind of meal!

July 8 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

Whimsical and delicious. My favorite combination.

...And I'm one of the other 36 people who saw (and loved) UHF. 6 of the others were my husband and 5 sons. I'll have to make these Twinkie Hot Dogs for them.

I love faux food food! For burgers, I like making inverse whoopie pies ;)

July 10 | Unregistered Commentertasteslikeyum

I love faux food food! For burgers, I like making inverse whoopie pies ;)

July 10 | Unregistered Commentertasteslikeyum

I love faux food food! For burgers, I like making inverse whoopie pies ;)

July 10 | Unregistered Commentertasteslikeyum
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