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Cake Byte: Sweet Thanks and a Cake Poll and Giveaway!

New Cake Poll!
First off and perhaps most importantly, a big, huge, with whipped cream and cherry on top thank you to all of our readers. Because of you, dear sweet freaks, the illustration and writing opportunities have made it possible for Head Spy Jessie to quit her day job (she was the product manager / art director of a refrigerator magnet company--no joke)! All we can say is brace yourselves--this means that the Cakespy enterprise is about to get even sweeter! Thank you all so much for your support. 

But of course, we know what speaks louder than any words: free stuff! So, without further ado, our second Cake Poll and Giveaway! This time, in keeping with the item being given away, the theme is Faceoffs!!


FaceoffHow can you put your name in the running? It's easy! All you need to do is this:

  • To satisfy our nosy tendencies (we are spies, after all), fill out the below Cake Poll! You can leave your responses in the comment section, or send your responses via email to jessieoleson@gmail.com.
  • At 12pm PST on Friday, April 25, the Cake Poll will be closed. The winner will be chosen at random, not based on their responses. The original will then be shipped to the lucky winner within 48 hours, via the most economical method.
  • As for our fine print: The results of this poll will be used for entertainment and Cake Gumshoeing purposes only; we may summarize the results of this poll in upcoming posts. Your private information will not be shared with any outside parties. Also, we've elected to leave the cake poll open to all US Territories, Canada and abroad--so even overseas cake enthusiasts can take part! *As for the prize itself, it is the miniature framed painting pictured at the top and to the left; no substitutions are allowed.

FACEOFFS! If the following pairings were put in a boxing match or found themselves in a dark alley vying for your sweet love, which would win? Which do you prefer? Feel free to expound on your reasoning if you'd like!


In the Morning: Scones or muffins?
Carrot Cake: With or without pineapple?
Neapolitan Roulette: Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla?
Mambo Italiano: Gelato or Panna Cotta?
Cookies: Soft and gooey or crisp and crunchy?
Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu or Crème brûlée?
Cupcakes: Vanilla or Chocolate?
Apple Pie with Cheese: Delicious or disgusting?

Strawberry Shortcake: Biscuit-style or Sponge Cake Style?
Ultimate Faceoff: Pie or cake?
But wait, there's more! There's another giveaway going on over at Cupcakes Take the Cake--enter before April 30 to win CBGB notecards


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Reader Comments (147)

In the Morning: Muffins, for sure!
Carrot Cake: Without pineapple, please.
Neapolitan Roulette: Strawberry
Mambo Italiano: Gelato
Cookies: Crisp and crunchy for me
Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu, the ultimate sin!Cupcakes: Chocolate
Apple Pie with Cheese: Disgusting!
Strawberry Shortcake: Sponge Cake Style, yum yum
Ultimate Faceoff: CAKES !!

Great cake poll...loved answering them!

In the Morning: Soft Fluffy Muffins
Carrot Cake: If it had pineapple on it, it would be pineapple cake. So WITHOUT the pineapple please.
Neapolitan Roulette: Chocolate! duh~!
Mambo Italiano: Gelato for shizzle.
Cookies: soft and gooey fresh out of the oven.
Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Always Crème brûlée!
Cupcakes: Thats a tough one... I go with vanilla and chocolate frosting!
Apple Pie with Cheese: disgusting. I like my sweets, sweet.
Strawberry Shortcake: Sponge Cake Style, nice and soft.
Ultimate Faceoff: cupcakes!!!!!

April 24 | Unregistered Commenterlina

In the Mornings I LOVE Banana Chocolate-Chip Muffins.
Carrot Cake with pineapple please.
Neapolitan Roulette? Surprise me, they're all good!
Panna Cotta is to die for!
Is there such thing as a Tiramisu Crème brûlée?
Chocolate cupcakes make me swoon...
Believe it or not I've never tried Apple Pie with cheese.
Biscuit-style Strawberry Shortcake is so pretty, I almost hate to eat it, but manage to anyway.

C was once a little cake,
Takey caky
Little cake.

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterTerasita

In the Morning: Scones, but only if it is tender and moist, meaning it can stand alone without the addition of butter, lemon curd, or preserves

Carrot Cake: I've only ever had it without, so that's what I prefer.

Neapolitan Roulette: Vanilla

Mambo Italiano: Gelatooo!

Cookies: I err on the side of chewy, but with crisp outtards.

Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu

Cupcakes: I wish I could say both, but I'll choose chocolate

Apple Pie with Cheese: I've never had it, but I eat apple slices with cheese so I think it would taste great.

Strawberry Shortcake: Biscuit-style

Ultimate Faceoff: Oh, tough! Well, give me cake!

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterChristina

In the Morning: Scones or muffins?
Definitely muffins...I have an unhealthy obsession with blueberry muffins!

Carrot Cake: With or without pineapple?
I don't believe I have ever had carrot cake with pineapple. I will have to add that to my list of things to bake.

Neapolitan Roulette: Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla?

Mambo Italiano: Gelato or Panna Cotta?

Cookies: Soft and gooey or crisp and crunchy?
if it is possible, all four!

Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu or Crème brûlée?
tiramisu...creme brulee is usually too eggy for me

Cupcakes: Vanilla or Chocolate?

Apple Pie with Cheese: Delicious or disgusting?
sounds delicious although i have never tried it

Strawberry Shortcake: Biscuit-style or Sponge Cake Style?
sponge cake style

Ultimate Faceoff: Pie or cake?

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterRitz

Panna Cotta
Soft and gooey
I'm not sure - but I can imagine extremely sweet balanced with cheese

April 24 | Unregistered Commentercakewardrobe

without pineapple
Soft and gooey
Never tried it, but i'd say Delicious!
holy smokes! what a toughie! but, cake. i'll almost always take the cake.

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterKeli

I want to answer this just because it's FUN!

1) Scones!
2) Hm...without pineapple
3) You need all three for it to be a neopolitan though! Okay maybe chocolate.
4) Oooh toughy...panna cotta is up by half a point...
5) Soft/gooey
6) Tiramisu
7) Chocolate
8) Gross!
9) Sponge cake style
10) Cake =)

April 24 | Unregistered Commentereatingplum

without pineapple
Panna Cotta
Soft and gooey
Crème brûlée?

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterKevin

without pineapple
Soft and gooey, just out of the oven
Crème brûlée makes me melt
Biscuit-style like mom always made

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterJeanne

1. scones.
2. I hate carrot cake.
3. all three baby!
4. Gelato?
5. soft and gooey
6. creme brulee
7. chocolate
8. delicious!!
9. sponge cake, but I'd rather just have plain old strawberries...yumm!
10. yipes! that's a hard one, but I think I prefer pie.

April 24 | Unregistered CommenterPocket

1. Scones, definitely. Esp Macrina's sour cherry/almond. Who are all these poor unfortunates who've never had a scone?
2. Carrot cake--86 the pineapple
3. chocolate
4. gelato, preferably chocolate hazelnut
5. soft and gooey...except for biscotti
6. creme brulee
7. chocolate cake with chocolate ganache
8.apple pie with Vermont cheddar is a delightful, old fashioned treat. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
9. shortcake--biscuit!
10.too hard to decide...

April 24 | Unregistered Commenterhey jude

without pineapple: Strawberry
Panna Cotta
Soft and gooey
Crème brûlée

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterRosie

Mmmm Scones!
With Pineapples
Oh Gelato!!!
Soft + gooey = Yummy
Creme Brulee
Vanilla wins again!
Apple pie w/cheese - cheese = yummy
Oh My Pie!!!

April 25 | Unregistered Commenterpamelamunsell

I really want that picture!

So I am a muffin, without pineapple, strawberry, gelato, with a crisp and crunchy creme brule. I am vanilla, apple pie is gross but disgusting with cheese. I am sponge cake with strawberries and I am ccake all the way!

Congratulations on quitting the job!

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterNucMEd is Hot

double chocolate chip muffins
Carrot Cake: With pineapple!
Neapolitan Roulette: chocolate Mambo Italiano: Gelato
Cookies: Soft and gooey
Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu
Cupcakes: Chocolate with more chocolate on top!!
Apple Pie with Cheese: Haven't decided yet..
Strawberry Shortcake: Biscuit-style !
Ultimate Faceoff: cake - even though pie is a more consisent texture nothing beats a reall moist and gooey chocolate cake... mmmm

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterMrs. Cupcake

good morning jessie~
congrats on being a full time artist! you are so wonderful and i wish you the very best.


~ scones.
~ no pineapple.
~soft cookie.
~tiramisu~ really i would choose
~chocolate moose.
~no cheese on my pie please.
~sponge cake for my berries.

April 25 | Unregistered Commenterbonnie

without pineapple
Panna Cotta
Soft and gooey
Crème brûlée
Apple Pie with Cheese is Delicious

This is so fun!! Thanks for giving us the chance to pasticipate with your blog. :)

1) A Cherry Almond sounds lovely for breakfast with a cup of tea.

2) I've never had carrot cake with pineapple but i will try it next time i make it.

3) Chocolate all the way!!

4) Mmm...Gelato..

5) Soft and Gooey please.

6) Cupcake: I would like vanilla cake with chocolate iceing.

7) I've had pie with cheesecake, but not with actually cheese. I think it would be tasty though. I love the salty/sweet combo.

8) Sponge Cake.

9) This last one is actually the hardest. My boyfriend just gave a presentation for his speech class on this. He choose pie, but i still think i'm going to vote for cake. I've had a much large variety of cakes then pies.

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterCherry Runway

In the Morning: Scones or muffins? It depends.. I live in Utah. And in Utah scones are fry bead. I'm pretty sure almost no one knows about scones that are like biscuits. But I would still choose muffins. Only because they are basically cupcakes without the frosting! :) Although my favorite muffin is the Honey Oat bran from Mimi's Café. Yumm.. That sounds really good right now...

Carrot Cake: With or without pineapple? Hmmm.. I'm not actually a huge fan.. But I would say with. Because my husband LOVES carrot cake (and carrot cookies) and he also LOVES pineapple...

Neapolitan Roulette: Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? Not strawberry.. Sorry.. But I hate fruit ice cream.

Mambo Italiano: Gelato or Panna Cotta? There used to be this Gelato shop in my home town. They guy that owned it was sooo nice and he acutally taught me how to make gelato. Let me go in the back and taught me all the tricks of the trade. I'm definitly a gelato girl. Especially rice pudding gelato.. Yumm.. It was like a really good vanilla bean with rice and a little bit of cinnamon. It was DELISH...

Cookies: Soft and gooey or crisp and crunchy? Oh.. Soft and gooey…completely under baked. Cookies arent made to be hard and crispy..

Fancy Restaurant Desserts: Tiramisu or Crème brûlée? Crème brulee all the way.. Unlesssss.. They don’t have berries to put on the top. Then it's not quite as good. But I don’t like desseret or breakfast cheese.. (I know.. That’s a weird thing to say..) so I don’t get into tiramisu too much..

Cupcakes: Vanilla or Chocolate? Oh.. I definitly can't aswer that one.. So can I just say red velvet??? :)

Apple Pie with Cheese: Delicious or disgusting? WAY DISGUSTING! This falls into me not like desseret cheese. Even though cheddar cheese isnt a dessert.. If its on a dessert..it becomes desseret cheese! Plus I can't mix sweet and savory.. Eww.. This grosses me out just thinking about it.
Strawberry Shortcake: Biscuit-style or Sponge Cake Style? Angel food cake?? Just kidding.. I actually prefer the biscuit style. But it has to be a sweet biscuit..
Ultimate Faceoff: Pie or cake? I hate pie crust.. So I definitly say CAKE!
Thanks.. That was fun.. :)

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterRyley

Morning fare: Scones… because they pair better with a nice breakfast tea.

Carrot cake: you would ruin a perfectly good carrot cake with pineapple?

Neapolitan roulette: umm, strawberry AND chocolate, please. I think it’s illegal in at least 17 states to separate the two. Or ruin a perfectly elegant vanilla with anything else.

Cookies: mmmmm, soft, gooey, undercooked and still steamy.

Fancy Restaurant Desserts: crème brulee, especially if it comes with some type of fruity flourish. Is that too garish? Too bad: it’s delicious.

Cupcakes are creatures of god and, therefore, are accepted in all their forms. But if they’re drowning in a river and I can only save one, I’m picking vanilla. I would, however, ditch them all for a Boston Cream.

Apple Pie with Cheese: again, you would ruin a perfectly good…

Strawberry Shortcake: biscuits, baby!

Ultimate Faceoff: I think you’d see pie blood streaked across the walls. And cake nowhere to be found... because it would be filling me belly.

OK, now I need to binge... where's the nearest bakery?

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterGP

*Muffins! they're like cupcake's A.M.-acceptable fraternal twin.
*mmm while I'm not opposed to pineapple--in fact it can sometimes add a lighter, zestier flavour to an otherwise heavy or dense carrot cake-- I'm not particularly partial one way or another! I think a more interesting carrot cake-related inquiry would be: Frosting-- how cream cheesey??
*I love gelato (who doesn't!) but panna cotta can be a great little departure from the typical, every now and then.
*Soft and gooey all the way. The gooier, the closer to god.
*Creme brulee is a pointless waste of time. I've never been so underwhelmed by a food texture. Except maybe with a flan. And then of course tiramisu is great! so no contest.
*This one depends on the cupcake! For, say, Magnolia, it would be their classic vanilla. But a cheapo grocery store 4-pack: Chocolate! (probably because cheap vanilla can often taste like nothing+sugar)
*Could be verrry delicious! Many apple pies can be a little too sweet anyway-- some sharp cheddar could really add a lot of flavor depth.
*Excellent question. I say biscuit.

April 25 | Unregistered CommenterL
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