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Hoppy Easter: Cakespy's Suggestions for Utilizing Easter Candy Leftovers

Peeps S'mores
Easter Day. A time for family, celebration, tradition...and candy. Oh, so much pastel candy.

But if you're anything like us, by noon the eggs have all been hunted, easter baskets have been doled out, and most of the good stuff (like the Cadbury Creme Eggs) is long gone. This is the moment of truth--is it time to break the ears off of that pristine chocolate bunny? Or should you bide your time by nibbling on the filler candy (you know, the Peeps, the jellybeans, those strange Brach's treats--all those candies the ones that look great in the basket but that few actually like to eat)? Luckily, we're going to make it easy on you this year by providing several ideas on how to make the most of that filler candy--treats so tasty, you might just forget all about that bunny (unless that is, it's tricked out like this):

Easter TrifleEaster Trifle

Idea 1: Easter Leftover Trifle.We assembled an impromptu trifle, using layers of muffin-crumbs (hot cross bun crumbs or cookie crumbs would work beautifully as well, we think), cake frosting, jellybeans and robin's eggs, topping it off with a happy Peep garnish. The result was crunchy, chewy, gooey, soft, tender, and amazingly sweet--all at once. Straddling the line between candy nirvana and instant heart attack, this concoction is surely a keeper.


Peeps S'moresJust out of the microwave
Idea 2: Peeps S'mores. Everyone loves putting Peeps in the microwave for entertainment (right?), but why not end up with something delicious for all that time and energy? We assembled the classic s'more ingredients substituting a pink rabbit peep for marshmallow, and popped the sweet stack in the microwave for 30 seconds. Once Mr. Peep had de-flated into a gooey marshmallowey mass, we enjoyed a sweet treat indeed; the sugar coating on the peep lent a wonderfully satisfying, slightly gritty texture to the finished product. (Cakespy Note: It was only today, after completing our own Peep S'more project that we learned there's a whole book dedicated to messing with Peeps! While it saddens us that we didn't think of it first, we are so happy this book exists.)

Cereal TreatsEaster Cereal

Idea 3: DIY Sweet Cereal. Many cereals are thinly masked breakfast-candy anyway, so why not pair your Easter candy to a vaguely healthy cereal for added flavor and delight? We added some of those strange Brach's candies (shaped like chicks and bunnies, though they look sort of evil to us) to a bowl of heart-healthy Corn Flakes, and lo and behold, we instantly had something on par with Alpha-Bits with marshmallows or Lucky Charms. The colors that remained in the milk after eating were simply incredible.
Robins Egg Malted Milkshake
Idea 4: Robin's Egg Malted Milkshake. Malted milkshakes are great, duh--so why not make your own using malt-flavored Robin's Egg Candies? We grabbed a hearty handful of the pastel treats and blended it with a few ice cubes and some soy milk; the result was a nostalgia-inducing, soda-shop worthy treat. Garnished with the last Peep in our 4-pack, it was pretty cute too.

Peep wants Treats! 
Idea 5: If all else fails? Well, they say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down--why not load up a heaping spoonful of frosting and jam it full of as many easter candies as you can? You might gross out people in your immediate vicinity, but hey--you've got to follow your own Easter bliss. Just don't forget to share with Peep!


Hoppy--er, Happy Easter!


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Reader Comments (53)

I need to check my blood sugar levels after reading this!Like the Peeps S'Mores.

March 23 | Unregistered Commenterglamah16

Haha... peeps s'mores. He looks so restful between the sheets of graham cracker and chocolate...

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterHeidi A

Woo this makes me wish we had weird things like peeps here in Australia. I remember my filler candy as a child just being really bad quality chocolate. *barf*

Oh and also, you should check my blog. I get the feeling you will enjoy my latest entry. :)

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterJade Is Green!

yes, I'm with glamah16. Well said! Goodness.... I would need a nap if I had that bowl of cereal for breakfast. I can always count on you for some fun, punk-rock approach to dessert! i think the triffle is my favorite... with cake icing and all. Yum!!!

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterAran

i'm feeling a little queasy just looking at it all!

but i love the peeps!

March 23 | Unregistered Commenterkate

I loved reading your innovative ideas...now I'm going to brush my teeth!

March 23 | Unregistered Commentercakebrain

Brilliant cereal/candy! Paired with Fiber one or some other bland cereal would be great!

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterJustin

Sheer brilliance. I especially love the bloated smore. Thats good stuff.

March 23 | Unregistered Commenterslush

I've been staring at those pink Peeps, wondering what possessed me to buy them - and now you've given me the perfect solution! Pink Peep S'mores all week! Yay!

I think I got a tummy ache just from reading this....frosting jammed full of Easter candies......oooooh joyful agony. Hurts soooooo goooood.

I am obsessed with peeps and I always put them in the microwave or freezer to eat them! But, in a s'more? You are a genius.

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterAnticiPlate

Poor peeps!
They didn't have a chance.
I hope y'all had a happy Easter.

I feel a sugar coma coming on...lol...I love your post ...what a great idea...and that bunny smore looks so good...like how he is all tucked in bed ....

Hope you had a wonderful Easter...


March 23 | Unregistered CommenterDiana Evans

What cute ideas!!!

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterKieutiePie

I love the peep in the milkshake. He looks like he's chillin' in the hot tub without the rest of his peeps.

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterKrysta

Oh boy, that last idea with the frosting actually made me feel a bit queasy in my tummy =)

March 23 | Unregistered CommenterAnne-Marie

OMG! Where's my insulin? Seriously, this is brilliant! The Peep S'mores are beyond adorable!

Oh my gosh, I never thought of Peeps s'mores. THAT. IS. BRILLIANT. We're doing it at my house. That might even be a new tradition at my house. God now I can't wait for Easter next year. I am sticking those chicks and bunnies on wire hangers tomorrow.

March 23 | Unregistered Commenternoble pig

that trifle is reminiscent of rachel's english trifle on friends, although i would clearly prefer your version.

maybe you could somehow market the colorful and sweetened milk left after those corn flakes are gone. hmm...maybe not. but hey, surely some of the sprayed-on vitamins and minerals would be in it, so that's a selling point. :)

March 24 | Unregistered CommenterA. Grace

Leftover candy?!?!? Never heard of such a thing! Cute ideas though.

xoxox Amy

March 24 | Unregistered Commenterfamiliabencomo

hmmm, lots of ideas for creative leftovers!

March 24 | Unregistered Commenterpve design

The marshmallow Peep is such a cute idea for a S'more!

March 24 | Unregistered CommenterCupcakeLady

Lol. These are some really cool ideas : )

I'm not sure if it was intended - either way, it's so cool. The first picture looks like you're putting poor easter bunny "to sleep-" graham cracker as the blanket and Hershey's pillow. Such cute ideas!!

March 24 | Unregistered Commentercakewardrobe

Glamah16: Yes, you might need to check your sugar levels after this one! We did!

Jade: NO PEEPS!? Whaaat!? first no Reese's and now this? Oh no! BTW those cadbury creme cupcakes are out of this world!!

Heidi: Yes, restful...as in final resting place.

Aran: I think we needed a long sleep after all these. It was fun though! And the malted milk was really tasty.

Kate: Queasy but delighted I hope. :-)

Cakebrain: Ha! Tooth decay by proximity, I like it!

Justin: What a fantastic idea!!

Slush: Oh yes, it WAS good stuff (the peeps!). And now they're on sale, must go buy more since there are plenty of graham crackers left.

TW: Yes! Make your own delightful treats with Peeps!

Obsessive foodie: Yes, hurts so good pretty much sums it up!

Anticiplate: Yeah, they were fantastic! Hope you had a great easter! That salmon on your site the other day looked so good.

Sandi: No, they didn't. We were so cruel to them!!

Diana: Sugar coma is our middle name.

KieutiePie: Thanks!! xoxo

Krysta: Yeah, maybe his Peeps sunk!?

Anne-Marie: You know, in the morning light, it kind of makes me queasy as well.

Stickygooey: I was just thinking that your blog name pretty much is the perfect description for our Easter Trifle.

Noble Pig: Thanks! Hope you'll try it out, they're pretty tasty!

A.Grace: Ha! glad we win over a Friends cast member (though clearly hairstylewise we lose). And bottling the pastel milk...hmmm, now there is an idea...

Amy: Good point! No worries, they're worth buying new candy for!!

PVE: Thanks!

CupcakeLady: Cute and delicious!

Jessy: Thanks!

Cakewardrobe: Yup--to sleep, FOREVER. ;-)

March 24 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy
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