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Sweet Stuff: Cakespy's Gift Guide!

What oh what to get for the sweet-lover who has everything? Here are some of our best bets, in all price ranges!

Cakespy Tells You what to buy
Small bites: Looking for presents in the $10 and under range? Here are our faves: (clockwise, starting top left) Micro Mini Sweets, $6 at Fred Flare; Yummy breakfast key chains $10 at Fred Flare; Coffee spoon with truffle handle, $8 at Pylones; (For the pet lover) Dog-friendly "cupcake" -- er, pupcake? mix, $9.99 at Petitfourlegs.com; Vintage Cupcake ornament, $9.50 atJennysbakeshop.etsy.com. Buff Monster Ice Cream figurines, $7.95 at Kidrobot.

Cakespy Tells You what to buy
Medium Bites: If it's a bit more serious than a stocking stuffer, you might want to shell out a few more bucks. Here's where we suggest you do it (clockwise, starting top left): Ivory Dessert-server, $19.99 at Heliotrope Home; Cake bites, $15 at The Sweet Tooth Fairy; Sabuda Pop-Up Cakes Note Cards, $21.95 at MoMAstore; Sift Happens tee, $18 at Bakelove Bakewear; Finger-food plates (perfect for a small cupcake!), $12.50 at Fireworks; Mint Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Gift Box, $32 at Teacake Bakeshop; Globe of Sweets Print, $15 at Justin Richel's Etsy Shop.

Cakespy Tells You what to buy
Big Bites: Economy or not, baby's gotta get a sweet present. Here's what we covet (from top left, clockwise): Individual cupcake stand, $60 at Fred Flare; a Fake Lemon Meringue pie with which to mess with people, $60 for pie and slice at Leelee's Creations (or, if you're as smitten with fake food as we are, why not commission a custom replica of your resident baker's signature treat, at fake-foods.com?) a ginormous triple-scoop cone decoration, $47.77 at Great Big Stuff; also, for a home baker considering the jump to opening their own bakery, why not check out Vocation Vacations--live the life of a baker, cupcake maker, or chocolatier for a few days, spending time with an expert "mentor" and learning the trade--starting at $950 and up. Pricey, but hey, can you say tax deduction?
Happy Holiday Shopping! Love, Cakespy


Reader Comments (15)

Wow, I want them all...I do... Thank you for the great gift guide. I'm drooling.

omg. want that ice cream cone...and i never heard of "great big stuff" but it's funny because I was JUST thinking about the "think big" catalog.

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterBethany

great stuff! Do you get paid to work for the bakers? Is the tax break $900? That is a cool idea but seriously crazy price! LOVE the cupcake stand if I were a richie I would get several for dessert parties...if I had time and money for dessert parties...I digress....love ya!

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterC.L.

Is it bad if I want them all for myself?

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterVegan_Noodle

The fingerfood plates are cracking me up!

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterEB of SpiceDish

I love that shirt!


December 9 | Unregistered CommenterVeron

Oh man, my wish list just got a whole lot longer...!

December 9 | Unregistered Commenterbittersweetblog

'Sift Happens', ROFLS! I want that shirt.

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterChristina

I love everything!

December 9 | Unregistered Commentera.

Adorable, fanciful, lovely stuff. Perfect for a spirited season. How sweet would a table look, laid with those individual stands - one for each guest. Too gorgeous.

December 9 | Unregistered Commentertara

These are great selections. How did you find all of them?

Thanks everyone!! C.L: If it is education/research I believe you can deduct it! :-)

Jessica: Thanks!! As to how I found them...well, shopping! Some of my favorite shops and things I've come across here and there--but the cupcake stand, someone alerted me to because the cupcake inside resembles my character! :-)

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

I want those small bites!! I could eat all of them in one bite!!

December 13 | Unregistered CommenterRoom design studio

I can't believe I missed this. Thanks for the shirt shoutout.

February 11 | Unregistered CommenterBakerella
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