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Sweetie Pie: Learning to Love the Navy Bean Pie


Banana Bean Pie
You know those little ad words that google oh so sweetly places at the top of your email browser? Well, recently one of those intrigued us, because it was for a type of baked good we'd never heard of before: the navy bean pie. Now, upon first thought the idea of a navy bean pie isn't necessarily attractive, but then again, when you really think about it, does "sweet potato pie" or "zucchini cake" really sound delicious at first? So, we decided to give these bean pies a try.


Pie Tasting
OK, so what are they? According to Wikipedia, a bean pie is a "sweet custard pie whose filling consists of mashed beans—usually navy beans—sugar, butter, milk, and spices." But beyond that, where do these pies come from? While the bean pies are associated with soul food cuisine, a very interesting wrinkle is that they are also associated with the Nation of Islam movement: its leader, Elijah Muhammad, encouraged their consumption in lieu of richer foods associated with African American cuisine, and the followers of his community commonly sell bean pies as part of their fund-raising efforts. And as trybeanpie.com says,


"The Navy Bean Pie is a nearly century old recipe that originated in the Holy
City of Mecca.
The Bean Pie was introduced in America around 1930 in the community known as Black Bottom Detroit, the Black community. It was originally formulated as a healthy alternative for sweet potato pie."


Now, while the Nation of Islam movement (and the pies) seem to have roots in Detroit, we first encountered the pies through Sister Nadine's, which is based in Boston (if you're interested in their story, read about it here.) Cakespy Note: We feel we should give them props for packaging the pies very securely; they and arrived in Seattle in perfect condition.

OK, and so now that you're educated, how did they taste?


Original Bean Pie
First we tried the "Original" bean pie. The texture was on par with that of a pumpkin pie, slightly custardy and not overly sweet; surprisingly, the beans did not lend any grittiness to the chewing process--had we not known that these were bean pies, we might not have known what they were (but of course, that would not have stopped us from continuing to eat it). We ate ours plain, but bet it would attain a few degrees of additional deliciousness if paired with vanilla ice cream or a thick layer of whipped cream.

Blueberry Bean Pie


The second one we tried was the Blueberry bean pie. We thought this was a strange flavor, but it was ultimately rewarding--the blueberries were the first taste that hit the palate; as Mr. Cakespy put it, if this pie could speak, it would say "Hi, my name is blueberry...and this is my pie". This sweet initial taste, paired with a more substantive bite of the bean filling, made it an unusual, but addictive, pie. Of all of them, this was probably our favorite.


Banana Bean PieBanana Bean Pie


Finally, we went for the banana bean pie. Once again, it was an unusual flavor combination, but somehow it worked. The banana didn't necessarily hit you right away--it was more of a complement than a contrast to the bean filling, and the flavors sort of, if you'll allow us to be poetic for a moment, well, blossomed inside of the mouth. Paired with the substantive crust, these reminded us fleetingly of banana pakoras (but of course, baked, not fried). Overall, a very nice pie for banana fans.



All things considered? Our investment was well worth it--we were happy to discover a new baked good, and rewarded to find them delicious. They're definitely a more substantial dessert, but a very tasty one too--the perfect addition to a fall baking repertoire.
To buy Sister Nadine's bean pies, visit sisternadines.com; if you want to try your own, why not give this recipe a whirl?


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Reader Comments (36)

Hmm, interesting! I suppose the addition of beans (high fiber!) make these cakes health food! Yay :) I think I'd go for the banana bean pie.

October 10 | Unregistered CommenterSharon

I've never seen a pie like this--but I suppose it plays on the fact that neutral ingredients (beans, zucchini, pumpkin) can be utterly transformed with a little milk and sugar!

October 10 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

Makes sense I guess...

I mean, one of my favorite desserts are the Red Bean Buns you can get from Chinese bakeries, which are filled with sweetened , mashed adzuki beans, and they're DELICIOUS!!

I might try a red bean pie sometime, now!

October 10 | Unregistered CommenterKatyBelle

I came across a black bean pie recipe that I have been holding on to for some strange reason. I guess I am intriqued like you were. You've given me the courage to make it. The pies look really good and their so thick!

October 11 | Unregistered CommenterReeni

I've never heard of this bean pie but it sure does look great :)

osie x

October 14 | Unregistered CommenterRosie

EB: Have you tried it? What did you think?

Wandering Coyote: You're welcome! Hope you'll like it!

Amanda: HA! That is a good question. We didn't notice any extra gassiness / bloating post-pie--but we had pretty small slices. And its mixture of custard with the beans kind of dilutes it. But, if you're more sensitive to foods / digestive issues, it might not be the pie for you!

Katie: You've got to try it!

Owl Chick: Awesome! Let us know how it goes over!

Elicia: No way!! we've got to get over to Otis apparently!! Thank you for the tip!!

Serena: Thanks! Nice to meet you! Thank you for the sweet link, they're wonderful!

Snooky Doodle: Glad to introduce you to a new treat!

Chantelle: Yes, I guess it's a new one for the Australians! Maybe you can bring the trend over?

Ren: Maybe they had savory ones too, I am curious!

Rico: Thanks!

Krysta: Awesome, glad to have introduced you to something new!

Dana: You're welcome!

Jeanna: You know, it's a strange thing because it tastes better than it sounds--"bean pie" doesn't necessarily sound good to me but it wasn't what I thought it would be! I think a pumpkin bean pie would be interesting!

Veggiegirl: I know, me too!!

Louise: Ha! I thought this would be up your alley! :-)

Liz: Hope you do try one!

Deborah: isn't it an interesting one?

Diana: Iron Pie!

Clumby Cookie: Ooh, that is interesting! Do they look similar to the ones that are pictured? Or are they different? I am curious!

Chou: You're welcome!

Isa: Ha! Cakecyclopedia? ;-)

Maggie: You've got to try one!

Anali: No way! It's a sign that you've got to try it!!

Sharon: True, beans are high in fiber but I'm still not convinced it's a health food :-) They're tasty though!

Katybelle: I love those buns too. I wonder how a pie made with the red bean paste would taste!

Reenie: Interesting! That sounds like it would be interesting. I have had black bean pancakes and they're quite tasty!

Rosie: You should give it a try!

October 14 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

ooooh! You reminded me that I need to make my garbanzo bean lemon cake. It's very moist and lemony, and just generally lovely.

October 17 | Unregistered CommenterPatti

Psssst ... It worked out for me .. Still cant wrap my head around it though haha

October 18 | Unregistered CommenterLyns

I read about bean pies in "American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Back Roads"- a GREAT book, by the way. I think I remember she ate them at a jamaican restaurant, but I could be wrong...

long time i have not eat Navy bean pie
oh god so good.

October 20 | Unregistered Commentertolga erbatur

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September 27 | Unregistered Commenterfew
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