So You Wanna Be a Cake Gumshoe: How to Contribute to CakeSpy!

So, you'd like to join us in the sugary love-letter that is CakeSpy? Welcome!

We love to publish submissions from readers. If you'd like to contribute or write a guest blog post, we'd love to hear from you! As to the subject matter, as long as it's in the realm of sweets, the sky's the limit! Perhaps it's a roundup of your favorite local bakeries, a profile on a baker you love, or even one of your favorite family recipes! 
Please ensure that you've spell-checked and grammar-checked your submission first, and please also send pictures! 
Email submissions to
Here's what we look for:
Bakery Guides: Got a lot of sweet spots in your hometown? Put together some thoughts and suggestions on places in your area and send them over. Be sure to send pictures! 
Interviews: Do you know a cool baker? Do an interview! Send over pictures of the baker's work and the questions and answers.
Recipes: Do you have a supremely delicious / special sweet recipe? Send it over with pictures, and of course the story behind why it's so special to you!
Projects: Got a creative and sweet dessert-related craft project or idea? We'd love to hear all about it. How-to's are welcome!