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Cakespy Press!

Here's a log of CakeSpy praise, accolades and press. I'm also amazed and so immensely flattered that CakeSpy is considered one of Gourmet's favorite food sites!

December 2009:

12.15.09: CakeSpy contributions to Serious Eats featured in O Magazine!
12.15.09: GlobeLife: "Fake Bakers: Honest to Goodness, I made them Myself"
12.1.09: CakeSpy Featured in the Saveur Gift Guide!

November 2009:

October 2009:

September 2009:

August 2009:

CakeSpy in The Stranger

July 2009:

June 2009:

May 2009:

April 2009:

March 2009:

February 2009:

January 2009:

1.26.09: Zoomdoggle.com: More Fun Than Work!

1.24.09: La Table De Nana!

1.22.09: Seattlest.com: Reality Bites!

Cakespy Featured on Twirlit.com!
1.12.09: Cakespy Featured on Twirlit.com!

1.12.09: Cakespy Art Featured on Seattlest!

1.6.09: Serious Eats' Photo of the Day!

1.5.09: Eats.com!

1/2/09: Twilight Cuppies artwork Featured on Clay and Chocolate!

December 2008:

12.31.08: Cakespy Featured on Obama Foodarama!

Cakespy artwork in the P-I's gift guide!

12.3.08: Bluebottle Art and Design Blog

12.3.08: Cakespy Artwork Featured in the Seattle P-I Gift Guide!

12.2.08: Lemondrop.com: "Presidential Holiday Desserts"

12.2.08: Not Martha: "Royal Dilemma..."

12.2.08: Hey, That Tastes Good: "Sweet Corn Pudding"

November 2008:

11.25.08: The Perfect Pantry: Gifts for Food Lovers

Holiday Cards!!
11.16.08: Cakespy featured on shoppingbymail.com!

11.14.08: Upstate Fancy Gift Guide

11.10.08: Yeswecake.com: "I could not believe my good luck.."

October 2008:

10.29.08: Bakednyc.com: "I Spy..."

Cakespy Mentioned in Sunset Magazine!

10.1.08: Cakespy in Sunset Magazine!

10.1.08: Cakespy Featured on Mastigandocom.blogspot.com!

10.1.08: Bizjournals.com: Cakespy's thoughts on Cupcake Expansion!

10.14.08: Serious Eats NY: Sugar Rush

10.18.08: FoodCandy Front Page Feature!

10.21.08: Fred Flare: "We Love Mail!"

September 2008:

9.2.08: Cornichon.org: "An Adorable Alternative to Gustav"

9.2.08: Seattlest.com: "A Local We're Totes Crushing On"

Little Cupcake Learns About the Birds and the Bees | Serious Eats
9.3.08: Serious Eats: "Little Cupcake Learns About the Birds and Bees"

9.7.08: Table Bread: Cakespy Interview!

August 2008:

8.2.08: Manolo Big: "Why did I Not know this awesome existed?"

8.5.08: Foodbuzz Spotlight!

8.8.08: Fancy Island: "A Sweet tee indeed"

Editorial Ass: "My old and faithful blogfriend Cakespy was kind enough to guest post!"

8.19.08: "Guaranteed to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth"

8.31.08: Have Fun Do Good "5 Blogs for Blog Day"

July 2008:

7.7.08: FoodCandy Front Page!

6.15.08: Wendy Brandes Jewelry: "Cupcakes Will Beat a Bitch's Ass"

7.11.08: Cakespy Art Featured on Etsy's "Storque"

7.11.08: Gluten Free Girl: "Oh, Jessie Oleson from Cakespy, I do so love your whimsical art."

7.22.08: Slashfood: "Is it OK to eat cake for breakfast?"

7.25.08: Haphazard Gourmet: "Food & Couture Pairing"

7.28.08: Devouring sEATtle: Article on Frosting Shots!

7.29.08: Cleveland.com: "Cupcakes in the Park"

June 2008:

6.17.08: Serious Eats: "Photo of the Day"

Cakespy Mentioned in the Seattle Post Intelligencer!

7.30.08: Seattle PI: On Frosting Shots: "I had to call Cakespy..."

May 2008:

5.8.08: SlashFood: "What Do Food Bloggers Make for Mom?"

5.7.08: MyBallard.com: "Pastries at the Locks?"

5.3.08: Tea, Sympathy and Perfume: "If you don't crave a cupcake after reading this blog, you're dead."

5.14.08: Soap Queen: "Cakespy Does Cards!"

5.19.08: Brad + Kathy: "Mazurka Madness"

5.26.08: Food Candy Front Page!

5.31.08: Nesting Instincts: "Grab a cup of coffee and feast on these..."

6.8.08: U of Oregon "Food just like your motherboard used to make"

April 2008:

4.1.08: Cupcakes Take the Cake "We Heart Cakespy"

4.18.08: MKE Cupcake Queen: "Cakespy has really done it this time!"

4.19.08: Merry Moon Designs: "Bride of FrankenCuppie!"

4.18.08: The Girl Tastes: "Skipped the salad at lunch? You could have had a V8 cupcake!"

4.25.08: Serious Eats: "Another Close race: Madeleine Vs. Macaron"

4.10.08: Two Crafty Ladies: "Perfect for a whimsical kitchen..."

March 2008:

3.2.08: CherryRunway: "Calorie Free Cupcakes!"

3.3.08: "A Bare-walled Kitchen can be dreary..."

3.5.08: Seattlest: "Mmm...pink"

3.17.08: All Things Cupcake: "Keeping up with Cakespy"

3.17.08: YumSugar: "Check out this cornucopia of festive soda breads"

3.22.08: Not Martha's Food Links!

3.24.08: Venus Zine: "Andrea...loves Cakespy"

3.25.08: Cuteable "I adore these paintings by Cakespy"

3.25.08: Serious Eats "breathe new life into your Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs..."

Cakespy In the Seattle Times!
February 2008:

2.12.08: Walking the Vegan Line Feature

2.22.08: Seattle Times Online: "Groovy little black-framed drawings of cupcakes..."

2.25.08: FoodCandy: Featured Blog (Frosting Cakewalk in Portland)

2.26.08: Hungry Magazine: "Cakespy has an interview with...Chicago's Babushka Bakery"

2.26.08: Bakerella: "Cakespy sweetly creates cupcake artwork..."

January 2008:

1.9.08: Coterie: "Coterie Loves Cakespy"

1.8.08: Devouring sEATtle: "Cakespy...a mix of deadpan hilarity and pastry introspection"

1.3.08: Bake and Destroy!: "Favorite Blogs of 2007"

1.3.08: All Things Cupcake "Purchase some of this artwork for your home...I know I'm going to"

1.12.08: Cakespy Nominated for Best Food Blog!

1.11.08: Chow.com's The Grinder: "One compassionate blogger, Cakespy, gives a neglected treat its due"

December 2007:

12.2.07: Have Cake Will Travel "I must be the last person on earth to discover the pure talent that Jessie of Cakespy is made of"

12.13.07: Voracious: "Pink art..."

12.25.07: Redacted Recipes "Add it to your favorites right now"

November 2007:

11.30.07: Serious Eats "Cakespy illustrates very cute, anthropomorphic foods, mostly in the form of cupcakes"

11.29.07: Not Martha "I'm so glad I found you Cakespy"

11.28.07: Cupcakes Take the Cake: "Cupcake really takes the cake with...artwork by Jessie Oleson"

11.21.07: The Color Of Blushing Apples: "Life is too sweet!"

11.20.07: Cakespy's Artwork Featured on the All Things Cupcakes Blog!

11.19.07: The Grinder Features Cakespy's Doughnut Guide

October 2007:

10.4.07: The Seattle PI "This Seattle blogger's sweet tooth will tip you off to the best places in town for confectionary treats."

Foodcandy Featured Blog

10.3.07: The Phoenix New Times "These guys take the, um, cake."

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Reader Comments (7)

You are kicking butt Jessie!

October 25 | Unregistered CommenterPeabody

Cuppie will be even more famous that the Magnolia bakery cupcakes.

October 26 | Unregistered CommenterClumbsy Cookie

Wow...that is really cool! Congratulations! :)

October 26 | Unregistered CommenterBridget

Wow! That is really impressive! Keep it comin'. :)

What a lovely list of accomplishments! That's great!
Love your artwork..

January 25 | Unregistered CommenterLa Table De Nana

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July 8 | Unregistered Commenternfljersey

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July 28 | Unregistered Commenterwasai

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