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Size Wars: The Ding3000 Cake Pan

When a cake is cut, there is no denying that certain personality types come forward. There's the "oh I couldn't possibly take a whole piece" contingent, who will undoubtedly go back for four "half" pieces. Of course, then there's the "give me the biggest piece" contingent. Hard to wiggle your way in between all these sliver-slicers and heavy hitters.

That is, until now. Ding 3000, a German design group, has come up with a brilliant solution: a silicon baking form molded in such a way that it pre-divides the cake into irregular slices, varying in both height and width. The pan, which is about 30cm in diameter, looks like a funky, cubist type bundt pan, and yields a cool-looking, geometric type cake. Although we imagine it might be a nightmare to frost (although perhaps heaven to eat, with all the extra frosting falling into the nooks and crannies), it looks very neat when dressed with a simple powdered-sugar topping, and is sure to satisfy any appetite.

Cutting the cake will never be the same.

To order online, visit designista.se. Cakespy Note: We went ahead and calculated the Swedish Krona-to-US Dollars for you, and it comes to about $70 USD after shipping.

To see other designs by Ding3000, visit ding3000.com.

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Reader Comments (15)

cute blog you have got here :) and i adore your art! it's just soo sweet n sugary.. :)

-the creatist

December 10 | Unregistered CommenterThe creatist

Huh. Whatever will they think of next? :-)

Ann at http://www.redactedrecipes.com/" REL="nofollow">Redacted Recipes

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterAnn

I was all ready to buy it...but the price...I'll just cut smaller pieces of cake. But I do love it!

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterGeggie

Very clever.
Love your blog!! And your cupcakes.
All best,

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterJanice C. Cartier

That's so funny because I saw that awhile back and meant to tell you about how awesome it looked, but promptly forgot. Then last week I had the brilliant idea to get it for you for xmas, until i realized its $price$. Go novelty bakepans, go! 2nd best novelty bakepan: that sandcastle-shaped one from Williams-Sonoma. I saw an actual cake made with it last week and it was adorable.

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterAllison

I love the modern look of that more than anything! It's so architectural!! $70 is a bit steep though. I would rather blow that on the Brownie edge pan I think.

what in intriguing-looking cake pan!!

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterVeggieGirl

Hey, that's clever. I'm part of the Wait 'Til Everyone Leaves Then Eat the Biggest Piece contingent.


December 11 | Unregistered CommenterSurcie

Fun cake pan! I don't have room for extra ones but if I did, I'd be all over this one! I like your blog but I can feel myself gaining weight even as I read!

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterZoomie

BTW, did you find "Love at First Bite" in Berkeley yet? Cupcakes. Really wonderful cupcakes. Cupcakes to die for. Cupcakes.

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterZoomie

Cute cute cute!

The Creatist: Thank you for the kind comments! Your blog is pretty awesome too!

Ann: I know! It is pricey but tempting. Hey, did you get your artwork yet? I hope it all arrived ok!

Geggie: it's only a matter of time before it's distributed here!

Janice: We'd love to see your next cupcake painting!

Allison: If you really loved me, you'd get it for me anyway. Just saying.

EB: Totally get both! OK, $70 is pricey. The Bakers Edge pan is awesome though. I got it for my friend Phil for his birthday and it seems to be working nicely.

Veggiegirl: Isn't it cool?

Surcie: I like how you're a lady until the coast is clear. :-)

Zoomie: The blog is calorie free, but we can't speak for what actions it might inspire...speaking of which we're inspired to go to Love at First Bite. Cake Gumshoe bridget is on assignment!

Chocolatecoveredvegan: Yeah, we can't get over it!

December 11 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

Oh hilarious. Expensive, but hilarious!

December 12 | Unregistered CommenterKristen

that's so brilliant! probably terrible for the cake itself, but who really cares when it looks that deco?? I wish I had 70 bucks.

December 15 | Unregistered CommenterLiz²

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