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Cakespy's Holiday Gift Guide (Non-edible)

Twelve days of Christmas? Why not round it out to a Baker's Dozen? Keep things festive with Cakespy's Holiday Gift Guide, featuring thirteen exceptional gift ideas for dessert lovers. The list goes in ascending price range, from the inexpensive (we never say "cheap") to some seriously sweet investments. This is one of two gift guides; the second one, a guide to edible holiday gifts, will follow!

On the First Day, have your cake and eat it too with Birthday Cake Lip Balm: its batter-sweet taste is like having a birthday year-round! $6 ea.; available online at fredflare.com.

On the second day, go for pie (humble or not, your choice) with a Cutie Pie Plate by designer Jane Jenni. In addition to having a picture of pie and a clever play on words, these 9" plates are also melamine and nearly unbreakable. $7.95 ea.; available online at heliotropehome.com.

On the third day, help them get organized with Recipe Cards by Boygirlparty. No more writing recipes on index paper like a jerk; it's a whole lot funner on cards with bunny and squirrel drawings. Comes in a set of 10. $8 ea.; available online at boygirlparty.com.

On the fourth day, stay warm and sweet with a Lobi Designs Bitten Cupcake Mug, perfect for tea or coffee to accompany an afternoon treat. Since each mug is a re-purposed vintage mug, no two will be quite alike. $10 ea.; available online at lobi.etsy.com.

Five golden rings? Yawn. On the fifth day, keep things rock and roll with the Cookie Chaos Set, comprised of a guitar-shaped cookie cutter and a mini book of recipes like "Max's Kandy Cities" and "Peanut Butter Slackers,". $13.95 ea.; available online at bustboobtique.com.

On the sixth day, give the gift of baking: the Cupcake Book Baking Kit is a perfect starting point for those who just wanna have fun (making cupcakes); includes recipes, baking cups, decorating nozzles, and stencils for designing decorations. $14.95 ea.; available online at patinastores.com.

Show a friend how much you care on the seventh day with a Milk loves Cookies Tee or Hoodie. Artist Jess Fink's design portrays a cookie proclaiming "I love you!" to a carton of milk; just like your friendship, they'll always perfect together. The classic tee is $10; onesies are $15; the hoodie is $35; available online at threadless.com.

On the eighth day, reign it all in with the Candy & Cookies Belt by Bored, Inc. Sweet, Japanese Pop-art style candy and cookies happily dance on the white vinyl belt, which is available in three sizes. $20 ea.; available online at boredinc.net.

On the ninth day, give them something to hold onto with Plush Cakes by Mypapercrane: felted creatures full of personality available shaped like various extremely happy little desserts. $20 will get you a cupcake, cinnamon roll or ice cream sandwich; available online at mypapercrane.com.

Keep things sweet, but fashion-forward, on the tenth day, with the gift of a Jessie Steele Apron, brimming with retro charm in styles like "Peony Stripe", "Snowflake" or (our favorite!) the ultra-Frenchy "Pink Paris". $32 for most styles; available online at wishingfish.com.

On the eleventh day, give the gift of art with Cakespy Original Artwork. Yes, the artwork you've come to love from Cakespy.com is now for sale; what could make a sweeter gift? No prints--these are all the real thing, available framed or unframed. $35 or under; available online at jessieoleson.etsy.com.

On the twelfth day, class it up with a gorgeous MoMA Cake Plate; doilies meet high design with this eye-catching mirrored platter, which measures 4.25 inches high and 11.75 inches in diameter. $65.00 ea.; available online at momastore.org.
And to round out the Baker's Dozen, a real showstopper for the thirteenth day: the Tiffany Cupcake Charm. This charm doesn't mess around: exquisitely formed with 18k yellow gold "frosting", a white gold cupcake cup, and "sprinkles" made of round blue sapphires, round pink sapphires, round tsavorites, this one's sure to make it a happy holiday. $1400 on a 16-inch gold necklace ($1250 for the charm alone); available online at tiffany.com.

Happy Shopping!

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Reader Comments (14)

That lip balm is the bomb! My absolute favorite :-)

November 25 | Unregistered Commentera.

P.S. Today I purchased one of your drawings for my mother for Christmas. I am absolutely in love with it and all your drawings. I want to post it on my blog but she reads it so perhaps I can show another one for others to see!

November 25 | Unregistered Commentera.

P.S. Today I purchased one of your drawings for my mother for Christmas. I am absolutely in love with it and all your drawings. I want to post it on my blog but she reads it so perhaps I can show another one for others to see!

November 25 | Unregistered Commentera.

Just bought the milk and cookie shirt as a Christmas gift. Threadless is the best.

November 25 | Unregistered Commenterjledmiston

Mlle. Coterie: Thank you so very much for the purchase and comments! How exciting not only to see a purchase, but also to see that it will be going to NJ. I'm originally from NJ (Belmar)!

Jledmiston: Yes...isn't Threadless the best? We went to a store recently in Victoria BC that specialized in mostly Threadless wares...it was awesome!

November 25 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

These things are all super kawaii!

November 25 | Unregistered CommenterWendyB

I love the tiffany cupcake charm! And your artwork is so very cute! But really I'm all about the food. Start shipping out these cakes and cookies and I will pig out. See my new avatar! I mean business!

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterEllo

What a sweet and delightful blog! :)

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterKarina

That apron is so mine!

November 26 | Unregistered Commenterbella

Hi, I ordered two of your paintings for my mother!

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterWendyB

I love the apron!!

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterGeggie

I love the lip stuff, charm and the APRON!! Oh the apron... Now I'm going to check out your artwork. Thanks for coming to my blog.

November 26 | Unregistered Commentershoeaddict

Oh, those are some wonderful ideas. I had a hard-to-shop for person on my list and I can cross her off now! I'm thinking lip balm and cookie shirt. Yep.

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterLesley

Thanks again for all the comments! Wendy, thanks so much for your order! :-) Geggie and Shoeaddict...you should get Jessie Steele aprons, they're nicely cut in addition to having cute designs. Lesley, glad we could help!!

November 29 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy
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