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Stay Cool, Be Hot: Oven Mitts and Potholders by Deadly Squire

At Cakespy, we know that using quality ingredients, seeking the best recipes and perfecting your technique are all very important in the path to becoming a great baker. But we know it’s not all about these things.

It’s also about looking totally hot while doing all of the above.

That’s why we were very happy to spy the new collection of oven mitts and potholders by Deadly Squire. Now, this Brooklyn-based design duo is pretty cool to begin with: Anna and Tim Harrington are a painter and punk-rock singer respectively on their own, but together they are both husband and wife and killer housewares designers. As they put it, Deadly Squire embodies a “distinctive design sense, infectious enthusiasm, and a taste for mischief”; we think this reflects nicely in their largely nature-inspired patterns, featuring retro-modern leaf, pod and flower forms in sophisticated palettes with titles like “Feasting at the Berry Bush” or “Groundskeeper’s Cameos”. Their kitchen accessories are beautifully constructed: the mitts are not too-big, which can often be a problem with one size fits all merchandise; the potholders are thick and cushy, guaranteeing that your delicate hands won’t get burned.

Because hot as you are, you’ve got to stay cool.

Available online at deadlysquire.com.

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Reader Comments (4)

These are SO CUTE. But I am SO ROUGH on my potholders - they get burned and stained all the time!

And thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments! You should try the pumpkin muffins - I'm telling you that they are AWEsome.

October 20 | Unregistered CommenterAbby

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