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Hot Dogs for Dessert at Snacks! in Ballard, Seattle

When CakeSpy buddy Megan tipped us off about Snacks!, a new bodega in Ballard opened by Dante (of Dante's Inferno hot dog cart fame), we knew we had to hit it up. But why would Cake Gumshoes want to check out a bodega in an alley behind a bar, you ask?

Three words: Sweet. Hot. Dogs. 

No, seriously. Per myballard.com, Dante has "created a 'Chilly Dog' that is a hot dog bun with soft serve ice cream, his idea of an ice cream sandwich (served with a spork.)" OK, so there's not an actual hot dog in it. But still, it's a fun idea...sort of like a choco taco, but with a hot dog bun instead of a chocolate tortilla.

Naturally, we had to head over immediately upon hearing Megan's suggestion. Unfortunately they'd already closed for the night, but they were kind enough to invite us in for a look and even gave us some soft-serve ice cream, which they have in vanilla, chocolate and a combo swirl--sure, it was no Chilly dog, but it sure was delicious.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Snacks! Can't wait to try more of your sweet offerings.

For more information, read the entry on myballard.com.

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