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Cake Byte: Preview of the Trophy Cupcakes Show!

Add Bardahl (and cupcakes)
Dudes and Dudettes. I am, like, so excited about my upcoming artist reception at the Wallingford Trophy Cupcakes tomorrow evening!

It is going to be an action-packed day for me: I will be selling artwork all day at the awesome Urban Craft Uprising (P.S. check out the interview I did on their blog!), then rushing over to Trophy at 6 p.m. for some delicious cupcakes and the artist reception!

Note: Don't worry if you can't make it to the reception. I'd be happy to see you, of course, but the artwork will be up all month, through January 2! Plenty of time to pick up a holiday present for a loved one (or for yourself. You totally deserve it.).

I've been painting my little fingers weary, and wanted to give a preview of what will be on show at Trophy from among the nearly 80 new works, many depicting Seattle scenes, such as...

Cuppie Loves Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard, Seattle
Cuppie enjoying a delicious burger at Lunchbox Laboratory;

Ballard Sunday Market, Ballard, Seattle
Cuppie shopping local at the Ballard Farmer's Market;

Cuppie Makes a Splash at the Farmer's Market!
Cuppie making some mischief at a produce stand at Pike Place;

Cupcakes at Le Pichet in Belltown, Seattle
Cuppies hanging out at cute Belltown cafe Le Pichet;
Preview of show at Trophy Cupcakes
and so, so many more! Hope to see you this weekend! For the Wallingford Trophy Cupcakes location and more information about their cupcakes, visit their site!

Reader Comments (6)

This is so amazing! Wish I could be there. Those depictions of Cuppie on the Seattle scene are just too, too cute! Have a fantastic time, and hope you sell lots :)

December 4 | Unregistered CommenterRicki

Cuppie you were in my 'hood. I wish I knew you were here i would have had you over for a bite!

December 4 | Unregistered CommenterJenn in Ballard

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