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Cake For Breakfast: Observations on a Forbidden Treat

Wake up for Cake!
Cake for breakfast. The phrase strikes a shiver of happiness in our very souls. We're talking serious cake here--frosted, maybe layered, as in a slice of birthday or wedding cake--or a cupcake would do, of course. It's the ultimate luxury--far more indulgent than any doughnut, far more delicious than any muffin could ever aspire to be. Everyone does it sometimes--and yet, most are covert about this pleasure, only admitting it in a slightly embarrassed way, as if frightened it might be a problem (as you can see from this posting on Apartment Therapy). Well, we say, no more embarrassment! We took it upon ourselves to explore this phenomenon and muse on its appeal--and also came up with a quick list of justifications for why it's just fine to eat cake for breakfast:

Cake time!Cake in the morning.
Cake for breakfast: Theories on its appeal

Proximity: Well, the obvious reason is that it's simply there. It will probably be the first thing in the fridge you see in the morning, and definitely the most festive. Which leads to our next point...

Visual Appeal: Really, the sea of beige-toned breakfast choices out there--oatmeal, toast, cereal--doesn't stand a chance against a festively frosted cake. We defy you to eat your toast and be happy knowing full well there's cake in the fridge.

Temperature: In many, but not all, cases, the cake has been stored in the fridge and is most likely cold. To some, this is a detriment. To others (those who truly understand), this is an opportunity for a truly sublime culinary experience. Taking a bite of cold cake, at first one only tastes coldness. But then something happens--a buttery flavor blossoms in the mouth. A wave of creamy sweetness takes over. This may be as close to heaven as one can possibly get while still on earth.

It's 9am. Do you know where your cake is?Cake!
Cake for breakfast: Why you should just do it

It will keep you sane: You can't deprive yourself all of the time. If you wake up craving cake and instead eat something virtuous like oatmeal, it's likely that you'll still be craving the cake all day. This will undoubtedly lead to idly munching various non-cake items throughout the day in an effort to fill the void. Really, you should have just had the cake. So have it!

Of course, if the cake in question is a cupcake, you could always call it a muffin.

It tastes better the next day: Letting the cake sit overnight will allow certain flavors to develop, and some say it tastes better the next day. You've got to see for yourself somehow; why not figure it out first thing in the morning?

Because Bill Cosby Says So: Bill Cosby says it's ok to eat chocolate cake for breakfast--"it has eggs. It has milk. It has wheat. Nutritious!". Coming from the man who made pudding pops part of our everyday language, this is not advice to be taken lightly.

It will give you energy: As Cakespy reader Jessie K says, "cake is good anytime of the day...but having it for breakfast is just a fun sugar rush when you need it most." We concur. Try to get that kind of energy burst from a granola bar.

It pairs well with coffee: Is there anything more beautiful than the symphony of tastes that occurs when cake and coffee are combined?

It will be delicious: 'Nuff said!

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Reader Comments (15)

If there is one thing I believe firmly, is that leftover cake may just be the holy grail of human existence as a smart guinea pig from G Force said! :) Go on cake, make my day!

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It is a tradition in our family to eat the scrumptious leftover cheesecake the morning after Christmas. A cup of coffee, jammies and my female relatives- love it! I found a great recipe in Good Housekeeping Illustrated cookbook. Comes out great every time and people love it. If you're gonna eat that many calories may as well be worth it! PS_ It is a huge cheesecake- you could make two out of it.

September 23 | Unregistered CommenterMomma Bear

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April 6 | Unregistered Commenterghd
I live in Italy, where t is perfectly normal to eat cake for breakfast - and I mean cake-cake, not awkward hybrids like coffee cake or breads. Whereas people here would shudder at the idea of scarfing down some of the stuff you Americans consider a normal breakfast, such as casseroles and sausages and stuff.
Geez people! How are cookies or muffins OK, and not cake? I's the same ingredients for heaven's sake! X-D
March 25 | Unregistered CommenterEfreet

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