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Cake Byte: Sweet News from Cakespy!

Christmas stamp closeup
Economic crisis got you down? Well, we know what will cheer you up--new Holiday Rubber Stamps by Taylored Expressions, featuring Cakespy artwork! Everyone knows that handmade cards are a sweet thing to give and receive, and you just might start feeling better about the economy when surrounded by all this sweetness!! There are three different holiday sets (Season's Sweetings - $21.95; Home Sweet Home - $21.95; Tag Treats - $12.95) , so you can choose your own card or craft-making adventure--or buy all three for a dose of mega-sweetness!
New Christmas Stamps!

New Christmas Rubber Stamps!
Of course, you should also check out the Taylored Expressions blog for ideas and inspirations, and to check out projects that others have made with them!
New Christmas Rubber Stamps!

Buy them at tayloredexpressions.com!

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